8 Days of Pelelu Tepu; Day 4

They’re awake before we are. They’re up before the sun is. Roosters, they start very early by letting their calls out in the dark cold morning. As I woke up to their sound, I looked around to be aware of my surroundings. It was still dark and I needed to go to the bathroom very bad. The help of my phone’s flashlight was necessary.

I went to the river, took my usual bath in the cold refreshing water, after which I joined two guys in the kitchen. I noticed the kettle on the firewood and it looked like it was worth a shot.  It was.

Around 9:00 AM we went to the school to teach them a Brazilian dance named Maculele. This dance is much like Capoeira and is performed with sticks so it looks like you’re fighting each other. Although, we left the fighting part out and everyone did it solo. What amazed me is that we sent the group of 30 pupils out to look for two sticks and before you knew, they found some. They even took a machete to make the sticks look neat. We went on with the Maculele for about an hour and a half. It took some of them a while before they got the steps right but they managed. They even asked to do it again, so we said we’d be back the next day.  

This day went by quite fast. I spent the remaining time of this day taking a nap, studying, had lunch, took my evening bath in the river and then had joined the other for our evening meal. 

Next Up: Day 5, Sunday