8 Days of Pelelu Tepu; Day 8

Since today is the day I head back home, I decided to wake up late and shower late. Actually, I woke at 6 but went back to sleep.  Around 8 I finally managed to roll — yeah I said “roll" — out of my hammock and took a bath.  When I got back I packed my stuff and untied my hammock. Everything went into my backpack and suitcase. The only thing I kept out was my camera. I mean, duh, I need images. 

Oh, by the way, actually we planned to leave tomorrow, March 15th. But a delegation of the UNDP paid a visit to the village, as they are the sponsor of the solar panels in Tepu and we had the chance to leave with them. 

Before we left, we were invited by the Captain to enjoy some Peprewatra (literally translated to “Pepper Water) in the Tukuspan, a big round tent where Krutu’s (important discussions and meetings) are held. Afterward, I had a short conversation with Marcel when I noticed a girl looking at us through the wooden panels from inside the Tukuspan.

We left at exactly 2:00 PM. The flight back home was less scary, as I’m scared of heights. I spent a lot of time taking pictures and recording videos during the flight. 

We landed around 3:20 PM and at that moment it was safe to say: Home Sweet Home!