A Hint of Indian

Thrifty vintage, retro and just a hint of Indian. Debz does it again. In my previous blog post, I bragged about how we love trespassing. This time we did not trespass. We had permission, of a friend... to shoot in front of her house.

Debz, a stylist, fashion guru, social media marketer and foodie, allowed us to get her in front of the camera. She styled herself, as usual. We worked with natural lights and were able to bounce the light with a reflector to get rid of shadows.

Body Image 01.jpg


Before we could go ahead and shoot, we had to think of a concept. I'm not the kind of photographer who plans the shoot out. I go with the flow. All I had to do, actually, was to help the model with her poses.

When I shoot, there's a lot going through my mind. And I like to look trough the lens of my camera while assisting. Well, of course, Kristi came along too, this time. And she did an outstanding job at assisting. But in the end, I am the one who sees what I capture.


As I mentioned before, I brought my reflector along. The good thing about my reflector is that I can transform it. It has a silver, black, golden en white side. So I can both reflect and soften the light that falls upon the model. We shot around 5:30 PM and used the golden side of the reflector. It gave Debz's skin a pretty golden look. We went on for about 30 minutes and then wrapped it up.

Body Image 04.jpg

Post shoot

After making sure that we left no evidence of our presence behind, we took off and went to Pizza Hut for some food. Well... a lot of food.

Oh and, after all, the golden light that bounced from the reflector caused trouble during post-processing. I had to take the saturation down on most of the pictures, because it made Debz's skin look orange. That's not what I had in mind. I use presets when I edit the pictures in Adobe Lightroom, and I want to keep the skin color of my models as natural as possible.

Body Image 05.jpg

Since I'm blogging about a fellow blogger, why not link her social networks.

You can follow Debzcher on her website and Instagram