A Turn To Editorial Photography

Urban and Portrait photography, my two specialties. I'd rather stick with those. But, what if... what if someone calls you up and gives you the chance to try something new? Something like... the editorial shoot for the casting of Next Top Model Caribe...

I was out drinking with a friend when I got a call from one of the judges who happens to be a friend. He asked me if I wanted to be part of their team to do the editorial shoot. I didn't allow him to finish the question and said yes.

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Okay, great. I got the job. It kept me awake, but... I don't do editorial shoots. What is that thing even? EDITORIAL. I got out of bed and took my laptop from under my bed, after which I started doing research.

What is Editorial Photography?

As I searched the internet for a clear description, I came across this:

"Generally, it is considered to be what gets published in the magazines as part of a
feature, separate from "hard news" photojournalism & documentary work, but as an
ill-defined genre crosses those lines. Some editorial work is portraiture: Gregory
Heisler's and Timothy Greenfield=Sanders's work for example, which is sometimes
done in a studio or on location. And some is pure studio illustration. Mostly Editorial
Photography illuminates a story just as is the case with most National Geographic
magazine stories: it shows what words cannot communicate." - Ellis Vener, May 8, 2004

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In my opinion, he could not have explained it better. But that's an old comment on the question. It goes way back to 2004. 13 Years ago. Let's look for a recent one.

"Editorial photography covers a wide range of different styles and genre but in simplistic terms, the definition of editorial use is not selling stuff. Predominately with editorial use, images are used to support text, so most usages are by customers such as newspapers, magazines, and textbooks. Generally, the imagery has a certain element of realism to it reflecting the world around us, but it’s not limited to that as illustrations can also be used editorially." - Ben Gray, Alamy, June 24, 2015

The Job

If I read the description, then doing an Editorial shoot is just any kind of genre, just not selling anything but telling a story. I have been doing portraits for a while, so should be an easy one.

There were six models who I had to work with. I knew two of them personally. Great models, all of them. I had about an hour to work with each of the models, but turned out I needed only 20-30 minutes for each. Some of them already had experience and others needed some guidance.

I think it's safe to say that my experience with portrait photography made it easier for me to get this job done.

After all the models had their turn to show their skills, we went back to the meeting room and we reviewed the pictures. The models and judges liked it. All that I still had to do was the post-processing.