Bon Bini na Korsou!

Sun, water, shades, dolphins, pontoon bridges, and maybe even a sunstroke. I highly recommend sunscreen against the last one, but you can find them all on the Caribbean Island of Curacao. Even the sunstroke, no kidding.

After approximately 7 years of life without traveling, I decided to go on vacation for a week. Arrived Sunday and left the next Sunday. My whole vacation plan was to be a boring tourist and stay in my hotel room, in which I partly succeeded. Then came Wednesday. My boring self got up, showered, and drove to Mambo Beach.

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First, I just have to get this off my chest: Never in my life have I seen so many white people in one place on a tropical island. They looked like students, and it’s understandable; the island generates income from tourism. About the music, it was familiar, it was Dutch music. It was all about Ronnie Flex, Broederliefde, Jayh, I AM AISHA. I was digging it. An hour later I decided to go to La Cabana. It was packed.

Oh, and I hate you for your cocktails, Curacao. Although it’s a compliment to your bartenders, I still hate that an experienced drinker like me -*takes a bow*- had to become a victim of your sneaky drinks. The cocktails are sneakier than the World Champion of Capture The Flag. Anyway…

  • Beaches, great.
  • Drinks, great.
  • Locals, amazing.
  • Language, danki.

My first boring days in the hotel packed out good. I had time to take pictures and edit them. I decided to go for a drive on Thursday morning to Grote Knip (Wespunt). On my way, I made a stop at Shete Boka National Park, where I visited four of the seven bokas. It was fun but hot as crab (I try to keep it PG). I then continued to Grote Knip. It’s a pretty beach that attracts a lot of pretty tourists.

The day after, Friday, I went on a yacht trip to Klein Curacao. On the boat, I met the three most Paris-Hilton-like girls. Annoying at first, I really wanted to throw them overboard. But after a while, I noticed that it was only one of the girls who triggered me to label them. Three beautiful Dutch girls who can really hold a conversation. We spent a few hours on Klein Curacao and headed back to Willemstad around the afternoon. In the evening I had the opportunity to party again at Papagayo Beach Resort. It was a fun party, where I met the three girls again. Seems they can also party hard.

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I woke up Saturday morning around 11 AM. Got up and started looking for something to eat. I did the last shopping around 2 PM and the rest of the day was actually a pretty quiet day. I head back home, to Suriname, at noon on Sunday.

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