Doing the Brandon Woelfel

Bokeh, teal and magenta, crushing contrasts. These are three things that are part of Brandon Woelfel's style. An interesting style that resulted in a lot of attention on social platform Instagram.

Who is Brandon Woelfel?

Brandon Woelfel is a New York-based photographer who has gained a massive following on the photo sharing app Instagram, where he shares his photos with his 1.4 million followers. He is also popular on Twitter with over 100,000 followers. He attended School of Visual Arts and is very active on Tumblr.


My style involves shooting with natural light, which means I don't shoot at night. This is the total opposite of the majority of Woelfel's style. I decided to give it a try. I started by strolling Downtown Paramaribo at night, focusing on every light source that catches my attention.

As part of this switch in my style, I asked my friend and model Maygan Hogenboom to model. An amazing model who's always up for an adventure. She joined me and we shot at a local bar, where she works. 

Few days after, I approached another friend, Yani. We decided to shoot in a game arcade located in a local mall. I thought the screens would be a great source of light. More of Yani's shoot in the next post.

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