From Busy Streets to Peaceful Spaces

The fact that cities can be noisy and busy makes them perfect for photography. Landscapes are amazing too, don't get me wrong. But many people often miss the beauty of busy cities.

The energy of big cities, sometimes even the dirt, makes it even more interesting to capture. This kind of photography is called Urban photography. While photographers usually aim to capture busy streets and the city's energy, I enjoy shooting quiet spaces, streets, markets and buildings, too.

Paramaribo is often called the City of Smiles. Well... it's also a city of sun and there is a possibility that we're not always smiling but looking rather mad and confused at the same time. The streets are full of life; it never sleeps.

Last year, Amateur Photography published a post written by Liam Clifford, in which he states:

"All towns have a mixture of old and new architecture, both of which are worthy subjects. At first glance, you might think of a newly built office block as a monstrosity, but look more closely and you will see it is a work of art, designed by architects with an acute eye for detail. You can either visit a town early on a Sunday morning and have the place to yourself, or try going to the same location first thing on a Monday morning and be confronted with a busy, bustling environment that is full of life and drama.

Our city streets are exciting places. They constantly change with the direction of light, the people who pass through them and the contrasts between all the buildings. There are new views everywhere, from wide angle vistas to interesting abstracts. There’s noise and chaos, yet calm contemplation at the turn of a corner. From busy high streets to peaceful green spaces, the urban landscape offers every opportunity a photographer could hope for."

After all, urban photography may seem  boring, but it is a great way to capture natural actions and emotion.