Head Of The Pack

Sunday, November 19th, 2017, 11:35 AM. It was quiet, few people on the streets. Many had just been to church, some had just arrived home from a night out. That goes for most, except three people. Momma Fox took her pack out for some Dim Sum, after which she took out on the street and made it unsafe herself.

I spent a while thinking about how to create something that isn't quite common in Suriname. As I planned my next photo shoot, I decided I wanted to do something weird. I asked Google for advice and ended up on the homepage of LAPA Studios

LAPA Studios is run by Walter and Hanae, a dynamic duo of creativity – based in Los Angeles, USA. Together, they have more than a decade of experience as artists, creators, graphic designers, product designers, and photographers. By fusing their love for digital design with their passion for papercraft, they are able to create blueprints of all that surrounds them. 
They rebuild everything by using paper, cardboard, and creativity. Their designs are downloadable plans and instructions, easy to assemble and fun to fold with friends, family or on your own.

I had a lot to choose from. In the end, I was left with three choices: A wolf, a fox, and a dog. I went with the fox. The assembly of the head wasn't difficult. It did cost me some time to glue the pieces together. The plan was to shoot outside Paramaribo, at Overbridge. But after a while, we decided to stay in town and take on the city. Never before have I seen so many people stop to check what was going on. Two guys walking around with a Fox-headed girl. After about an hour, we rounded up, jumped in a cab and went to the movies.