How Not To: Trespass

Ok, I admit it, I have a thing for abandoned buildings, empty pools, and trespassing (all for a good cause, of course). To be fair, restricted places have proven time and time again to be very photogenic, not to mention well suited for my style.

Body Image 001.jpg

Last Sunday, however, was the first time we got effectively shooed away from our location.

While shooting with Debzcher, a fashion blogger, foodie and social media marketing guru, we made use of a beautiful unfinished modern house in a gated community. 

Ok, so maybe not the smartest thing my team and I have ever done. Never the less, we got the shots we needed before the guard man came barking at us to leave.

As for the photoshoot itself? It was great. Debz, the owner of, is a lovely person. Her choice of outfit worked really well with the afternoon light, and with some help of my trusty reflector in a bag, we managed to get some good fashion shots. 

Body Image 006.jpg

After that, we moved to the next location.