Rio (Not The Movie)

Rio is Portuguese for “river”. I’m not a fan of geography and luckily, this blog post tells a story of a human being named Rio. Model and actor, he does have the charisma that is necessary for a proper photoshoot. I met Rio during a local fashion contest, Fashion Fest, where he participated as a model. Back then, I never really spoke to him. It was strictly business (I worked as a facilitator at the events). I’ve been looking forward to working with this guy. I have seen him on the runway during the Fashion Week 2016 in Suriname. Good thing, he told me that he liked my work. I immediately took the opportunity to arrange a collaboration.

Body Image 001.jpg


As soon as the deal was made, I started looking for a location. After looking for three days, I finally found an old apartment building. It looked abandoned until we discovered that it was occupied by a homeless guy. We needed the building, so we asked for permission. He agreed so we bought him a beer after the shoot. I took my friend, Kristi, along as my assistant.

Body Image 002.jpg

The shoot

Back to the topic; all doors and windows were removed, which made the building look even more mysterious. As good as this guy is, Rio almost instantly put his looks and skills to good use. I started working with models just a few months ago, so it’s still a challenge for me to be in control of the outcome. Up till now, I’ve mostly worked with experienced models, so their poses came out perfect. As I started taking shots of Rio, I noticed how amazed I was of how forward he is. He comes up with ideas and takes actions. – Oh, sideline: he came prepared. His make-up was off the to-do list –. We checked out every room in the building, just to make sure we didn’t miss out on any given opportunity. I mean, we already had access to the building. We didn’t want to go back, just because we didn’t check out that one room.

Oh by the way, Rio was late (*rolls eyes)… Surinamese habit. We spent about an hour shooting. He was flexible with his poses. Kristi was my scout, so she spotted new angles very fast. That one hour was enough to actually befriend the guy.

Body Image 004.jpg


After the photoshoot, we decided to treat ourselves with some alcoholic drinks. It was a Tuesday and we had nothing better to do. So we got some caipirinhas. That was also a chance for us to catch up on things. After we finished three or four drinks each, we drove to Leonsberg. The three of us chilled and talked about what art means to us and what our opinions are on certain topics. We went home around twelve.

I edit quite fast. I first made a selection of the best raw files, as usual, and started editing. The pictures came out pretty amazing. Only thing is that they had a lot of grain because I shot at a high ISO.

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