Why Sticking To A Style Is Hard For Me

If you've ever come across the Instagram account of a well-known photographer, you should have noticed that the colors in their pictures are mostly consistent. Or that they use a certain pattern (also called a theme). This usually results in attention on social platforms and do not underestimate the effect of this pattern or better said the style. Followers see it and also notice when you deviate from the style.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite photographers and their style. I will highlight the works of Brandon Woelfel, Peter McKinnon, and Mango Street Lab. These photographers are usually my source of inspiration.

Brandon Woelfel

Brandon Woelfel uses a very consistent editing style across all of his images, which are primarily nighttime portraits with whimsical lights and flares. Crushed blacks, blues, pinks, often shot with fairy lights and a prism or CD to create reflections.

Brandon Woelfel.png

While the quality of the portraits themselves are a major part of Woelfel’s success, his unique editing style gives them an extra layer of interest. Copying another photographer’s style isn’t going to make you successful, but understanding how they achieve a certain look can greatly improve your own post-processing. (source: petapixel)

Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon first started his YouTube channel 9 months ago, but since then he has racked up over 1.1 million subscribers. McKinnon originally started by producing “typical vlogs” with titles such as “spicy food” and “wrecked my shoulder.” 

Peter McKinnon.png

Despite being well-made, they didn’t get the traction McKinnon was no doubt hoping for. He then changed things up, producing much more punchy videos like “8 Camera Hacks” and receiving millions of views for them. (source: petapixel)

Peter sticks to certain colors in his videos but also posts pictures on his Instagram 

Mango Street Lab

Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gulotta form Mango Street Lab. They are lifestyle and wedding photographers
based in Los Angeles and Chicago. They have been working in social media management since 2012
and have found their niche as influencers through Instagram’s platform. Together, they have over 90,000 followers.

Mango Streetlab.png

They have worked for brands such as The Gap, Craftsman, Gatorade, McDonald's, Paige
Denim, Van Heusen, Daniel Wellington Watches, Enjoy Life Foods, Timbuk2, City Soles, Vinyl Me Please, and many more.

They're consists of crushed Blacks, Shadows and Highlights. They don't use a lot of bright colors. Check out their Instagram here

My style is... uhm... well, I find it hard to stick to a style. Let's say it's dynamic. I like to switch things up. I use a lot of colors, shadows, blacks and highlights. But I like to play with those, which is why my Instagram looks like a super hot mess. I love my own style, don't get me wrong. I just try really hard to create my own, but sometimes fail to realize that I already do have one.

Wonder what my style is? Check out my Instagram