Strolling the Streets of Paramaribo

Have you ever had a day off and had no idea what to do with your life on that day? Well... that's me. A hundred percent of that day. At least twice a week. Why not start strolling the streets of Paramaribo? So I messaged two of my friends and dragged them along. Where were we going? No idea! All I knew was that we were about to take pictures.


The Idea

I didn't really have a plan, and as you know by now, I never really plan anything. But there is a street in Paramaribo with graffiti all over it. I've always wanted to use the wall but never knew how.


Before we could head over to the location, I had to shortly interrupt the adventure to go to the bank. The most important things first; I was broke (:P). I spent at least 30 minutes in the bank because I barely know how to adult.

Narrow Street

After a successful attempt of adulting, I could continue dragging my minions along. First, I'd like to blame my alpha minion, Sean, for the temperature. I don't who to blame and why, actually, but since he's my number one target in life, let him have the blame. It's not cool to leave around 12:30 PM, Sean. It's too hot.


Okay, I feel better now. Let's continue...

The graffiti walls were located in a narrow street. The only thing about that location is that everyone chooses to drive in that street to avoid traffic jams. So we had to stop shooting every 2 minutes, which is annoying.

Switching roles

I dislike being in front of the camera. I am a photographer and I like being behind of my camera. And IF I end up in front of one, I don't know how to model. So I automatically put up weird faces.  But, another friend talked me into being the model for once, and I tried it.


Still disliked every second of it, but I did it. The pictures came out really good. This one above is my personal favorite.