Who's Next?

Closing a chapter with the Head of the Pack wasn't the end of it. I closed it only to ask myself one other question; What's next or better yet, who's next?

For my last shoot, I put together a Fox Head and gave it to Maygan to show it off. This time, I went to local store Intertoys and bought two red Helium-filled balloons. Who was next? Soraya was. She, a friend of mine, was the first to answer that question. I was looking for inspiration for this one specific shoot. Youtube can sometimes really help. DJ Snake had just released the video for his song with Lauv and I instantly opened it. 

I pitched the idea to her and she thought it would be a great idea. The location was a small quiet street. I still remember it from a movie and the view was really pretty. We decided to shoot on Sunday. First I had to get the balloons at Intertoys. Couldn't buy them the day before because they only last up to 8 hours and the store opens around 12:00 on Sunday.

I go by red balloon
Look at me as you'd want me to follow you around
Or, just simply as red balloons
Very bright, and you actually like me for me
Even when I'm not exactly what you
Search for in someone
Even when I'm not exactly your type
As a free spirit that's perfectly imperfect
Not the most realistic type that
He, yes, he or anyone would
Ever, never have
As your best friend,
Like that one person,
You always want to think about

Check out the pictures below