YouTube; The Try-Out

I've been taking pictures under the alias of Ace Wilborne (ACEWLBRN) for over a year and a half now. And I've discovered something along the way. As an amateur photographer, I am always on the lookout to get better at what I do. To get better at what I do, I have to practice, which is why I am continuously watching tutorial videos on YouTube. The "discovery" I made is that all of my favorite photographers are making videos on youTube. I mean, that where I found my lessons, right?

June 5th is a national holiday in Suriname, and my friend invited me to Overbridge. We left the day before and on the holiday itself, we went on a boat trip.
This is going to be pretty straightforward: Video is — and will continue to be — the most dominant form of media there is. End of story.
— Corey Quinn, for Forbes (2017)

Video content seems to be doing way better than photo content. The reason behind that is more than just clear. People enjoy watching moving content which explains itself, rather than staring at a picture, trying to figure out what the creator(s) is (are) trying to say with it. I've been following Brandon Woelfel, Peter McKinnon and Mango Street Lab, to name a few, and they are - believe it or not - not only present on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They also have a noticeable YouTube presence. 

I recently started a YouTube channel, on which I will upload my adventure videos. As of this date, I have already uploaded 3 videos. 

The "after movie" of our Roadtrip on the first of May 2018. This is also the first roadtrip of 2018.